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Planning The Perfect Hen Weekends In Spain - Hen Weekends In Spain

Planning The Perfect Hen Weekends In Spain

It’s official, you’ve been selected to plan hen weekends in Spain for your best gal pal because you are considered very organized by all your friends. Of course, it is important to plan a fabulous getaway that will remain in their hearts and minds for years. The key to planning a great party away from home with friends is to get organized early. Here are a few more tips to follow on planning Hen Weekends Spain celebrations.


The fact is that there are a wide variety of places in Spain to enjoy and relax. However, it’s best to look at your initial budget for the trip. This is the way to reduce a lot of stress over the ultimate destination. You can only select locations that match your budget. Sit down and select several locations that match your budget. Select one that the bride will surely enjoy. Remember, places closer to resorts or tourist traps are more expensive than out of the way places.


It’s always a better idea to talk over your Hen Weekends Spain getaway location with the bride. You do not want to make the bride unhappy. Talk over your plans in private without exactly revealing the ultimate destination. Ask the bride key questions about her likes and dislikes vacation wise. For example, would she prefer to stay at a seaside resort, relax on a sunny beach with waves lapping against the shore, or stay at an exclusive luxury hotel and enjoy drinks around a pool?

Set Dates

Make sure that all the guests can attend the Hen Weekends Spain celebration. Make sure that their calendar is clear on the dates trips are booked. The worst scenario is that all the guests are busy or have other obligations on those celebration dates and you and the bride are the only attendees. Set the date and make sure all the guests are aware of the date.

Another way to ease all the stress surrounding a Hen Weekends Spain getaway is to make all your plans through a travel agent instead of personally planning the trip. They have more experience and might help save money on expenses.